sm-petomatoPetomato™ is easy and requires little maintenance. Simply insert the seeds into the top of the water bottle, fill it with water and watch the plants grow.

Mother Nature takes care of the rest.


fun-guyPetomato™ is fun for everyone. The whole family can spend time together while enjoying the daily progress of Petomato.

Watch new leaves appear daily and look forward to your Petomato™ harvest!


smart-guyPetomato™ is a wonderful teaching tool for children. As plants grow, kids will learn about the plant growth process from seed germination to sprouting and harvesting. Using a clear, recycled bottle, you can explore the wonder of plant science – roots, stems, leaves, fruit & all.


cool-petomatoThe cool thing about Petomato™ is its simplicity and versatility. Any space big enough for a water bottle and near a window with adequate sunlight is the perfect place for Petomato™. The hot new thing is growing a cool Petomato™ plant.


greenPetomato™ is perfect for those with a green conscience. Since Petomato™ grows in a recycled water bottle, it is a perfect product for those who are interested in reusing items instead of throwing them away.


hipPetomato™ is like a mini farm-to-table experience that produces healthy, homegrown food for a fraction of the cost of high-priced “foodie” restaurants. With Petomato™ in your kitchen, the term “locally sourced” takes on a whole new, ultra-hip meaning.

What’s your Petomato?