That’s a lot of Water Bottles


Imagine a mountain of plastic. In the United States, alone, 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day. That’s a big mountain, but that’s just one day. Imagine what a plastic mountain that was made of 22 billion water bottles would look like. This is how many water bottles are thrown away in the United States each year. Only 22% of those bottles are recycled, meaning that roughly 47 billion bottles end up in landfills.

If only there were more uses for those used bottles to keep at least some of them out of landfills. Good news! Petomato grows plants in recycled water bottles. When you finish a bottle, instead of throwing it away, you plan seeds in the Petomato tube with a little time, love, water and sunlight, food is growing out of that bottle that has gotten a chance to live a second life.

It’s a small step, but if everyone starts taking small steps, it could become one big step for everyone. Sometimes you have to start small to make a big difference!