Mr. Tomato Man Story – Part 4


When news came to Mr. Tomato Man that a young woman had been kidnapped while walking on her way to work, he knew that he would have do something about it. The Shadow People were becoming more evil than they ever had been. Their deeds were no longer nuisances. They were beginning to scare and hurt people. The joy that had been brought to the people of Japan by Petomato was being squashed and by The Shadow People.

Mr. Tomato Man went back to his farm to consider his options. There was a tree in the forest where he went to think when he was conflicted about a decision. It was here, while he was trying to figure out what to do next that the sun began to show through the leaves and an idea came to him, much like his original Petomato idea had come to him. Just then, the ground began to tremble and when he placed his hand on the ground to feel the shaking, the spot on the ground underneath his hand began to glow. There was a bright flash of light and when Mr. Tomato Man could see again, he looked around and many things had changed.

He was stronger. He felt the power of Petomato in his muscles and bones. His clothes were different too. His tank top and shorts had been transformed into a uniform that any of his favorite superheroes would have worn. He now wore a bright red uniform, the color of a ripe tmato. He wondered if he was a superhero, but he knew the answer immediately. Of course he was.

From that moment, it would be Mr. Tomato Man’s goal in life to stop all of the bad and try to spread the good as far as he could. He would start with the young woman who had been kidnapped just that morning. The powers of the Petomato would guide him to her.

He was beginning to feel his new powers working inside of him. As well as being stronger, he felt faster and wiser. He arrived in Tokyo and couldn’t explain how he knew, but he had a feeling that he knew where to look. He went past the shipyards and through the areas of abandoned houses, places where she could have been kept, but he knew that she wasn’t. He went straight to a warehouse in the industrial district of the city, and of hundreds of doors and many different warehouses, he chose the one that led him up five flights of stairs, winding through hallways and into a dark room where the young woman was being held.

After easily taking down two bodyguards who were stationed outside of the room and two more who were inside of the room, Mr. Tomato Man untied the woman and took her in his arms. The remaining bodyguards had set fire to the building, so there was no time to spare. Since they were on the fifth floor, they had a long journey to the building’s exit. But, through the flames and the smoke, he carried her. He carried her through the halls, down the stairs, out of the door and into the street, safe from the flames. Once they had escaped the burning building, he carried her quickly through the streets until they arrived at her house.

When she was home, she thanked Mr. Tomato Man many times and she asked him if there was any way that she could repay him. He told her that she could repay him by growing a Petomato of her own and by telling everyone of the joy that it brought to her. This was enough payment for him. He knew that couldn’t stay with her long, though, because there was more trouble brewing and he would have long days of battling The Shadow People in his future.