Turn a recycled water bottle into a garden!

Chicago, IL (March 2, 2013) — Chicago, IL based Kagan Unlimited announce the United States debut of Petomato™, an innovative product that brings gardening indoors by planting seeds in a recycled water bottle.

Petomato™ has already sold over 500,000 units in Japan since it was introduced in February 2012. Petomato™ has become an overnight sensation and its advertising videos have gone viral on the Internet.

Petomato™ is a convenient and simple way to bring the joys of gardening to any environment. Seeds are planted in a recycled water bottle and the bottle can be placed anywhere that receives adequate sunlight. With a small amount of care and attention, Petomato™ is able to produce ripe cherry tomatoes, sweet basil or spicy habanero peppers.

Anyone can find enjoyment from Petomato™ – it is perfect for gardening experts and novices alike. In winter months, when the weather is too cold to garden or when the time or space is not available for a full outdoor garden, Petomato™ allows both young and old to excericise their green thumbs and experience the joys of gardening. Petomato™ is a great way to teach children about plant growth and care by watching the daily progress of their plants.

Laura Engel, Vice President of Kagan Unlimited, recalls, “Growing up on a farm, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the way that an entire family can come together and enjoy the process of nurturing a plant and enjoying its fruits. Petomato™ is a great way for my family to experience those same memories that I have from my childhood, but updated for the modern day.”

Kagan Unlimited’s President and CEO, Robert Engel says, “We are extremely excited to be introducing this product to the USA marketplace. If the resounding success that Petomato™ has seen in Japan is any indicator, we are looking forward to a very bright future for Petomato™ in America.”

Kagan Unlimited has been developing and bringing unique housewares products to the marketplace for over eighteen years. Recent successes include BraBABY®, The Stealth S.S.A.® and shUVee™ Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer.