Care & Growth Instructions

It’s easy, fun and GREEN to grow your petomato in a recycled plastic water bottle. You’ll want to use a plastic bottle with a twist off cap for best results and remember to always keep your water bottle full.

Planting your PetomatoTM

  • place 3 to 5 seeds on top of filter
  • cover seeds with sand (provided)
  • moisten the sand with 3 drops of water
  • seeds germinate in 7 to 10 days

If it fails to germinate, you can try again. Make sure to keep any extra seeds inside your refrigerator.

culling-petomatoLet’s cull your petomato

If you have more than one seed germinating, keep the best one and trim the others away. Culling your Petomato plant will help your plant grow bigger and stronger! Even if you do not cull your sprouts, they will grow.

Keep the most cheerful sprout! Cut the saddest sprout off using a scissors.

Pollinate your flowers

Fig.1 This diagram shows the direction of growth. Fig. 2 and 3 Methods of pollination.

Bees are important in the cycle of plants. Since you probably do not have bees inside your home, you will need to pollinate your Petomato to achieve fruit. You can use your finger to gently pat each flower rotating through all flowers two or three times, or you can use a soft paint brush. Without pollination you will not get fruit.

Be careful not to cut the roots! Be patient! Check on your plant daily!

See important Petomato disease information to keep your Petomato Healthy & Happy!

Petomato, Photosynthesize!

basil-guyYou are growing your plant hydroponically (in water!). This growing method allows the roots to absorb water and nutrients. The leaves absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight. The sunlight changes the water and nutrients into food for the plant. This process of converting light energy to chemical energy (food) is called “photosynthesis”.

Photosynthesis uses “carbon dioxide and water, releasing oxygen as a waste product. Photosynthesis is vital for all aerobic life on Earth.”

All of the ingredients you need to grow a happy, healthy Petomato are included.

Green Thumb Tips

Plant with the Seasons


Do not plant seeds in Mid-Winter or Mid-Summer

For best results please plant and cultivate seeds when you can spend the time to attend to the care and nourishment of the plants. Prior to planting your seeds – store product in a cool dry place. After planting your seeds – keep in a warm sunny location. 7 – 10 days is the average time for germination in recommended growing conditions.

  • keep your water bottle full at all times.
  • replace all of your water once per week.
  • mix fertilizer in the water after germination.
  • use one level spoon (provided) of fertilizer per 4 ounces of water.

When replacing the water, remove the Petomato growing tube. Fertilizer should be completely dissolved in the water.